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If you want to make a beautiful decoration piece for your office or home then you should make a cardboard ship out of the cardboard box. You can customize this project according to your will to make it more beautiful. 


If you are fond of Spanish sail ship than make one by using the cardboard boxes. The printing onto cardboard boxes can also be used as the ship name. This project will not cost you too much money. All you have to do is to put a little bit of effort.


How to Make Cardboard Ship out of Cardboard Box?


At the moment, we are going to tell you the simplest method to make the cardboard ship. Just follow each step properly and you can make one by yourself:



1.  First of all, you have to cut down the 3 identical sized strips of the cardboard. Just make certain that all the sides are equal in length and width. However, the measurements could be easily adjusted to make the small or large ships. To create the standardly sized ship, it is imperative to trim the two strips about 10 inches in length and 3 inches in width. 


2.  You have to make the curve of the hull of the boat on one strip with the help of a pencil. The curve must be in an arc from one corner of the strip to the next one. Also, it must be gradual enough that it could meet the opposite side around the 2-3 inches from the end of the strip.



3.  Just trim down the two strips along the curve from one end. You have to hold the other two strips together so that they can become aligned properly. The strip with the drawn curve line must be present onto the top. You have to move your scissors in such a way that they can trim along this line. In this way, the two strips will have the curve latterly.


4.  You need to use the trimmed strips just like a template for their uncut ends. Just hold the trimmed strips evenly. Now it is the time to flip the top cut strip lengthwise and then you have to re-align the strips. Just follow every cut end of the top strips with the help of scissors to eradicate the uncut end of the base strip. You need to repeat this method for the remaining two strips.


5.  It is the time to remove the tip from the two curved strips in the last part. 


6.  You have to glue the masts and hull at the present time by using the hot glue gun. You can make use of the mix thinned PVA glue solution with water as well.


7.  Make sure that the glued edges are smooth to paste the tissue paper on it. At the moment, your ship’s glued edges will become rough. You need to dip thin strips of tissue paper into the solution of glue you have made and then layer it smoothly on all glued edges. 


8.  If you want to paint your ship then it will be good. However, you can only paint your ship when the tissue papers dry out completely. You can use the paintbrush to apply paint in an even manner onto your ship’s surface. Also, you can personalize your ship in any manner. 



9.  You have to cut 2 triangles that are around 2/3rd the length of the masts. After that, you have to trim down the triangle that is tall as the masts. The last 2 sails you will trim according to the size of your thumb. 


10.  It is the time you need to attach the sails to your prow, masts as well as stern.


11.  You have to give your ship a figurehead. It will beautifully customize your cardboard ship. Use the hot glue to paste the ornate buttons, Lego pieces, figurines, and knickknacks. 


12.  In the end, you have to add the rigging to your cardboard ship with the help of the yarn. Rigging implies that you use the thin ropes for your ship. You can either use thin ropes or the thick thread along with your ship sides with the help of the PVA glue. When the glue will dry out then your ship is ready.



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